Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 week checkup...

I went to the doctor today for my 10 week checkup and it went just fine. No ultrasound but we did listen to the baby's heartbeat and it was at 182bpm. She said that was perfectly normal and everything was ok. I had a scare the other night when I felt terrible and really weak. I had to sit down a rest, but then when I tried to get up I couldn't. I already have low blood pressure and the Dr. thinks it dropped lower and caused the weakness. They did some blood work on my thyroid and I should know tomorrow if I have to take medication to get my thyroid under control and in the "normal" range, which should hopefully control my low blood pressure. I just don't want to black out and that can happen with a dip in blood pressure.
On a positive note, I went to the movies this afternoon with the cutest 5 year old in Huntsville. Colton Banks and I had a "date" and went to see Hotel for Dogs, of course the projector was broken so we had to see Mall Cop instead. It was funny, but I'm not sure he understood the whole thing. He just told me we needed to plan another date and they should have the projector fixed by then! How cute!
This weekend should be filled with excitement of moving furniture, arrival of new furniture, and working hard on getting this house clean! I will post after I get some new things done.
(PS. I hope my Mom & Dad are having a fabulous time in Belize! Love and Miss you)
I almost forgot! They changed my due date and moved it up to August 24th. My doctor however informed me that she and her family would be on vacation that week and we needed to look into inducing early so she could be there! Looks like the baby could come around August 14th! Between my Mom's Birthday and my baby brother Henry's birthday!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Only in Alabama...well maybe Mississippi too!

So, I didn't really do much this past weekend. I was really tired, so I took advantage of the ability to sit down and watch a movie with JD. Saturday Morning I went to a baby shower for quadruplets, all born healthy in September. WOW! Can I say I'm really excited there is only 1 in there! On Saturday afternoon, I got out of the house and went to see Jensi at her house. I absolutely love the drive out there. The fields and farms that I pass are beautiful, and only in Alabama do you pass 'Buck Horn High School' with a huge fake deer out front! Well, I'm not going to tell you about the pile of Christmas stuff that Jensi had just taken down and not fully put away (at the end of January), and I'm not going to give you the number of dog beds all around the house or dog hairs (too many to count), no I'm going to show you what I discovered in the dining room. Yes, you see it below, a stack of Mtn Dew and Kitty Litter. The sad thing about the Mtn Dew pile is she had just emptied 2-12 packs into the fridge so they weren't included in the stack!
Well, our adventure didn't end there. We got hungry and decided to eat Mexican. So we drove all the way from New Market to Gurley (about 20 minutes) to eat at El Coyote. And when we pull up, this is what we find. A parking lot full of trucks, and this in the back of one.

ONLY IN ALABAMA... do you find a 4-wheeler in the back of a truck with a dead 8pt. strapped to the back, while the guys who were hunting are inside enjoying some Mexican food and a drink!
On a more positive note, we watched the Bachelor tonight and Stephanie got a rose again! Go Girl! This was JD and Dixie enjoying the show. JD mentioned that in a few months, he would have the other arm full with a baby!! He can't wait to be a Daddy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Paint Job & 9 weeks!

Above are pictures of the finished paint job! I can't believe that it is already done. The baby's room is starting to take shape. Now we just have to get that big bed out of there and store it at "Pop & Nana's" House.
On another note: Today, the baby and I are at 9 weeks. It's officially a fetus now, instead of an embryo. It is about an inch long (from head to rump). This week the baby will be able to start moving its arms and legs, even though it will be another month before I will be able to feel it.
Until now, apparently all pre-babies look the same "down there." This week, however, my baby will begin to develop either male or female genitalia, so if you haven't already voted on a boy or a girl, vote now!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"Pop," JD's Dad Don, has started painting the baby's room. I love the green color going up on the walls. I have also noticed how bad the closet doors look. (JD-we need new closet doors on there!) I'm so excited about the paint going up! I will post another picture later on when more paint is on the walls.
And, just in case you worried about our other baby...Dixie. This is her the other night when it was time to go to bed. In between my pillow and JD's, under the covers. SPOILED ROTTEN!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Crib

So, JD and I went and ordered a crib for the baby's room at Huffman's. It takes 10-14 weeks for a crib to come in so we went ahead and ordered it. It is a beautiful sleigh convertible crib that has 3 different mattress heights for as baby grows, then it comes with a toddler rail so that when the baby is big enough (I can't imagine that day), the front comes off and the toddler rail goes on. Then, when it outgrows the toddler bed size, we got the additional rails that will convert it to a full size bed! Isn't it amazing what they have come up with now?
We ordered the crib in Cherry because we are moving a dresser into there that is cherry. It was my parents dresser that they bought when they got married. I'm going to put a changing top on it and make it extremely useful for me! I'm also going to put an antique white iron day bed in there for me, and a rocking chair that I have yet to pick up from my parents beach house.
JD's wonderful dad a.k.a. "Pop" is going to start painting the room as soon as he gets finished taping it off!
I also recieved a wonderful gift in the mail yesterday. Special Thanks to Tracy for "The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy." I haven't gotten very far in the book and I already love it! It is so much easier to read than "What to Expect" and isn't so technical. Thanks again Tracy!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

8 Weeks Pictures!!!

It's Baby Sprinkle!! Look it hasa head and little flapper arms and everything!

I saw sprinkle's little heart beat.I heard the heartbeat again! This time it was 162 beats per minute.
Baby Sprinkle is measuring 1.76 cm which is about 1/2 an inch!

I can't tell you how excited I am about these pictures! I haven't been sick lately so I haven't felt extremely pregnant, but seeing the baby today made me giddy all over again!
It also makes me want to nest, so I'm going to be working on the house and baby's room soon!
Don't you just fall in love when you look at these pictures?

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bachelor...

This really has nothing to do with me, dixie or the baby, but I am now into the new season of The Bachelor on ABC. There is a girl from Huntsville on it that I met at a Mother/Daughter christmas party 3 years ago with JD's mom-right before her husband died in the plane crash. So, I'm cheering on Stephanie to win and I've heard through the grapevine that she does really well in the show!
I'm not sure if it was the way I normally am about sobby stuff, or if my hormones are getting the best of me, but when she was telling the story of her husband's plane crash I cried, then in the previews for next week, when they showed her little girl suprising her on the beach, I cried again! I'm sure when I get to see the entire thing, I will cry some more... Go Stephanie!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mom's Visit...

This weekend, my Mom came to visit from Meridian. I was so excited about her visit and Dixie was excited about Ziggy's visit. They arrived Thursday afternoon and our first stop was Hobby Lobby. Mom doesn't have wonderful stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target, etc. in her town, so they are a must visit when she comes here.
On Friday, we ventured out to Talbots and had some great finds-a new purse for the both of us! The one I picked out will be great when the baby arrives, it is small and will easily fit into a diaper bag. We went to Michaels, ate at Atlanta Bread Company, and ventured into Dicks and Target. We came home, pooped and this was the view in the front room of our house.

On Saturday, we went to Sir's Fabrics in Fayettville, TN and had some great finds. I am recovering the Yellow chair above with the cute dragonflys on it. I love the way it looks now, but we moved it into the den and it needs a new look to go with the new leather recliner sofa we bought the day before. (Dixie has worn out the couch we currently have and we want one that cleans up a little easier). So I found a great blue fabric for $2.49 a yard! I found the 2 accent fabrics for $3.99 a yard to make accent pillows and Dixie a new bed for the den. Yes, I'm going to sew them myself!

On Saturday, we also went to Lowes and picked out a paint color for the baby's room and the hallway, we went to Huffman's and picked out a crib that I really liked, and to finish off the day, we went to see Bride Wars at the movie theatre. (Which was really cute)

Dixie & I hated to see Mom and Ziggy leave this morning, the weekend went by too fast. After they left, I began to work on the changes Mom suggested to the house. (She said I needed to get all of my "Projects" done before I get REALLY preggers and they don't seem as important). So I moved the bakers rack out of the kitchen and into the blue guest room to hold the TV and it looks great in there. I then moved the new piece of furniture into the kitchen where the bakers rack was and filled it with colorful Vietri and other items from the house. I think it looks great and was a good move. Now I just have to put away all the silver I had in it earlier, until I get the furniture from JD's great-aunts house when it sells.

Thanks for coming to visit Mom! I had a great time and I'm working on my to do list for before the baby comes.

Now, on to dinner with Jamie & Ben where we will enjoy some homemade lasagna and bananna pudding!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Pictures!!!!!

I went to the doctor this morning and this is what I saw!

and heard...

Above is sprinkle's heartbeat. 127 beats per min.!

This image measures sprinkle at 6 weeks and 5 days, so at 7 weeks for me, it is right on schedule!
This morning was amazing! I got to hear sprinkle's heartbeat and see them measure it!

Four pictures to prove it were awesome!

I also had a photoshoot with a 3 week old baby girl, Abby Ray Banks!
She is beautiful!

And to finish off my day, I got a new haircut/color! I love the new do! It will still go into a ponytail, but isn't as heavy as all that long hair I had before!

Mom is coming tomorrow afternoon, YEAH!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Orleans & More...

JD and I have been in New Orleans for the last few days. We drove to Meridian on New Year's Eve and spent an uneventful night at Mom & Dad's by ourselves. We then drove to New Orleans New Year's Day to hang out with friends and prepare for the Sugar Bowl. In New Orleans, we enjoyed food in the French Quarter at The Market Restaurant, Dinner at Emeril's Delmonaco (which was wonderful and would have been even better if I didn't have food aversions), we had lunch on gameday at Napolean's House and drinks (virgin for me) at Tropical Isle.
The game didn't turn out the way we had wished, but we enjoyed our little trip and are extremely glad to be back home with Dixie.
Now, on to baby news:
We are at 6 weeks 4 days. The baby, while growing more and more, is about the size of a nail head. This measurement is from the top of the head to the bottom of its rump. The arms and legs are so bent that they don't use them for accurate measurements. This week the baby is developing jaws, cheeks and a chin! Small black dots its face will become eyes soon, and the dot in the center of its face will become a nose too!
The baby's kidneys, liver and lungs are starting to take shape, and the heart is beating up a storm.
I go in for my next ultrasound on Wednesday the 7th, which means
We should even see the heart beat!
Other great news is that my mom is coming for a visit next weekend, so there should be lots to report after that! (Mom-I can't wait!)