Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Weekend...

My weekend started out with cleaning and more cleaning. I have cleaned out closets and furniture and moved things around like crazy. I worked hard in the dining room to prepare for the new hutch to come and I worked hard in the baby's room, cleaning out the closet and getting the bed taken down and ready for the twin day bed to come in. I also worked in the garage when the weather was nice, throwing away a lot of stuff and getting rid of boxes, etc.

On Saturday, We had our new sofa delivered, we then took our old sofa to Jensi's house and delivered it there. We picked up my new hutch at Interior Marketplace and thanks to Ben Wilson, got it into the house and in place. We took the full size bed and mattress to Nana & Pops to store and returned home to nap and continue to work.
Below are pictures of our progress...

The New Sofa -(Dog & Baby Proof)
New Hutch full of dishes & silver

Blurry image of the dresser in the baby's room. Not sure about the mirror or lamps, just needed a place to put them.

The day bed in the baby's room with the "princess" claiming her bed!

Dixie was reminding me this was her princess bed before and she wasn't ready to give it up. She never sits still for a picture, but when I was taking pictures in the baby's room, she started posing. She thinks she needs her own room too!

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Jamie said...

love the hutch!! i want to see closeups of whats in it!! where did it come from?