Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trip to Meridian

I went home to Meridian this past weekend to see my Mom & Dad and spend some time with them. The last time I was in Meridian was Christmas and we were only there for 2 days, so I wanted to go back and get to spend some time with the both of them.
I left Thursday morning and got there around lunch time, so Mom and I went to Cater's to see Ms. Kim and eat lunch with Allyson. That night I had dinner with Mom & Dad, Brooks, Daniel & Allyson. It was really fun and nice to get together. The sad thing about that night was the day before, Frank, Brooks' pug had fallen off the bed and broken his leg, so poor Frank has a cast from his hip down and has to keep it on for 2 weeks. He was so sad.

That same day, Mom and I went to Belk to take advantage of the Clinique free gift time and after stocking up on make-up and face cleansers, we walked through the baby section, just to look and found the Christmas Clearance rack, with an extra 30% off the lowest price marked. Mom bought Sprinkle the red onesie that says "Who needs Santa when I have Grandma." I loved it! The other red onesie says "Baby's First Christmas" and the longsleeve pj outfit says "Santa's Helper." Aren't the footie reindeer the cutest!! The best part, they were $2.97 each!

On Friday, Mom and I drove to Florence to see my Great-Aunt Kay. As soon as we got there, it started pouring down rain, but I got back in the car to head to the High School were I taught 2 years ago. The first smiling face I saw was the beautiful Margo! She was a sophomore in my Art I class back then, and now she is a Senior about to graduate and go off to Southern Miss!
Wow do I miss this girl!! She took me all around the school to see the office staff, the staff in the career center (where I spent many off periods) and teachers that I was friends with. It was great to go back and visit, and it did make me miss it!
(Margo and I)
After I left the school, I went back to my cousin Kelly's house to eat lunch with my mom and Kay and little Sam! He was so small when I was teaching in Florence and I would leave school and drop by and see him every afternoon. I would draw or play ball with him and his brothers Kyle and Blake almost every day! It amazes me how much he has grown in the last year and a half, and now he talks 90 to nothing about everything. He showed me everything in his house, all his toys and even all of his Valentine candy!! He is quite the handful already! Good luck Kay & Kelly with this one!
Mom and I returned home to hang out with Dad, hang pictures and work on the new sun room they added on to the house. I really enjoyed spending time with both my Mom & Dad. There haven't been too many occasions where I have gotten to spend time with just them. There is usually another brother around or holiday activities to partake in. I also need to soak up as much time with them now as I can. I'm sure when Sprinkle arrivies, it will be a whole different story. I will go to Meridian, they will want me to hand over the baby and disappear! I can't wait to share their first grandchild with them in August!!
Now, everything is back to work for the next week. I have several ads due soon for Interior Marketplace and I also have a photoshoot tomorrow with Maggie, and I need to work on finishing up some other photoshoots.

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Katie said...

Yup, soon all your parents are going to want to do is visit with little Sprinkle!! They'll invite you to stay with them not because they want to see you and J.D., but because they'll want to see the baby!!! I hope that you are feeling well and staying off those feet!!!