Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Gifts for David

This weekend, David got a few FABULOUS gifts from some of our favorite people. David's YaYa (my mom) brought him a stuffed Curious George from her trip to Universal Studios in Orlando. She also gave him his first Curious George books to go with him. He is just hanging out in the nursery on the twin bed, waiting for David to hold on to him while we read all about Curios George and his adventures!

We also got a surprise in the mail from our friends Hank & Shannon. This super cute frog rattle and burp cloth. They are super soft and so sweet. I know I will get some good use out of the burp cloth and I know David will love the sound the frog makes! Thanks Hank & Shannon!

We also got a surprise gift from our friends Jacqueline & McClain who were in town from Nashville to help give a party for Jamie & Ben. They brought David the softest, sweetest, Little Giraffe blanket with his name monogrammed on it. This gift is the first with his little monogram on it! It is so neat seeing his name on something in his room. I know he is going to LOVE this blanket!

After throwing a party this weekend (I didn't take any pics-didn't really have time), JD and I are just hanging out at home. We watched Tiger do what he does best and win Jack's tournament today, then heated up some hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. This was the sight as JD is getting ready to stick the food into the toaster oven. Dixie was right in the middle of everything! She wanted her own hotdog and hamburger!

Daddy & his little girl

Anatomy Scan

We went to the doctor on Friday and had our anatomy scan. The picture above is an attempt to see David's face. If you look closely, you can see the head on the right, with the eye socket and nasal bone showing. You can also see a few ribs in the picture.
They re-confirmed that we are still having a boy! What a relif!

This picture of David's little feet is the favorite between JD and I. When his little feet came up on the monitor I got so excited. It is nice to know what will soon be kicking me in the next few weeks.

This last picture is an attempt at a full body shot. David is on his back in the picture the curve toward the top is his belly. You can see ribs and one arm by his side. The other arm is up by his head-our little thinker!
This was an awesome experience. It is one thing to know you have something growing inside you but it is another to be able to see him move on the screen. He was stretching and kicking and squirming-like any normal baby. He had that one arm up by his head the entire time. My Mom thought he was trying to figure out how to suck his thumb like I did in the womb, and it really looked like he was sucking his thumb toward the end of the entire thing.
We found out David is already head down-which can easily change quickly, but he is basically doing a headstand in there!
It is really amazing what one can see at this point and on the ultrasound. The heart is divided up into four chambers and we could see each chamber and watch/hear it beating at a normal 157bpm. We could see all the little vertabre in his spine and count fingers on at least one hand-because he had it still enough for us to see it.
I had my Mom and mother-in-law there, along with JD for the whole experience. I thought that because they never had one with any of their kids, that they would like to see how far technology had come. It is really amazing what you can see!
Thanks Mom, Martha & JD for being there! Now we just can't wait for little David to arrive!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

David's Room

ok. so here is the first picture I was able to take with my iphone of David's room. Somehow Dixie thinks that all this has been done for her. Boy is she in for a BIG SURPRISE!
This shot is of the antique white iron twin bed that will mostly be for me.
The cross-stitched nursery rhymes on the wall are ones that my mom made when my brother Brooks was a baby, so I'm so excited to have them hanging in David's room.
I haven't found the right bedding for the bed yet, but hopefully Mom's trip to Huntsville this Thursday will produce some productivity on this room!
The lamp on the nightstand is new and I LOVE it! The small white elephant is something we had in our den-a gift from the Limbaugh's last year.
The stuffed animals on the bed are special too! The small gray elephant is David's first elephant! The big brown bear was made by my oldest friend in the world-Jamie Whitley Smith's mom Linda. She made it a LONG time ago for my brother Daniel. The smaller bear in the sweater is a bear JD and I bought on our trip to NY last year at FAO Swartz.

I went ahead and hung the frames and moved the dresser into place, now all it needs on it is a changing pad and a caddy for diapers and wipes! I don't like the floor lamp that I have in here now. I am working on replacing it with a new one that will go more with the room.
The rocking chair has been in our family for a long time and I can't wait to rock David in it!
I still don't have the crib yet, so the last picture is of Dixie posing in her little brothers room~she loves hanging out in here when I let her!

Belly Time

Per Allison's request, here are some belly pictures from today.
It is really sticking out now. JD didn't think the first one really showed the belly so he made me take another.

Weekend Project

This past weekend, John David headed to Atlanta to the Hinman Dental Conference, and I worked in the yard at home. On Thursday, I went to Lowe's, along with my father-in-law, and my neighbors Newman and Hunter. We bought 63 bags of mulch and headed home. Hunter and Don put out all 63 bags of mulch throughout the back yard run area, under the large maple tree in the back, and in half of the front yard. I worked in the backyard on a new flowerbed. There is an area in our backyard where even weeds won't grow. The soil is great, full of worms and moisture, but it is so shaded by the fence, trees and house, that I just made a shade garden out of the area. On Thursday, I went to Bennet's Nursery in Huntsville-the most fabulous nursery around! I got 2 large Hydrangea plants, 3 small azaleas, 4 ferns and 2 hostas for the shade garden, and I had Eric-who works with me at IMP to dig the holes and plant them for me. I bought 10 more bags of mulch and put them out in the other half of the front yard and on my new shade bed in the back. In my free time in those 2 days, I painted the chairs out front with a fresh coat of gray paint. I also painted the 2 chairs in the back a bright yellow color. I painted the small picnic table from my grandparents house a bright blue. I also planted some extra herbs in my herb bed in the back yard, which now includes rosemary, chives, thyme, sage, lavender, oregano, & parsley. I planted my tomato plants on the back porch in pots, along with bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, and cayenne peppers. I started seeds last week to and have small sprouts of radishes, squash, green onions, cilantro, carrots, cucumbers, okra, and basil. I love watching my plants grow and produce the best veggies for the entire summer! Last year, we ate tomatoes until we turned red! (I also know it will prob. get cold again and that is why I plant my veggies close to the house and will cover them when it gets cold)

After all of that yard work, I managed to clean my entire house and do most of the laundry-all before JD got home on Saturday at 3pm.

Here are a few pictures of the yard:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bird Cage

This afternoon after work, I went with my friend Jamie to Hartselle to try on her wedding dress. It came in and she just wanted to try it on and make an appointment to have it altered. While there, she also tried on veils. She found the perfect one that goes with her dress, but unfortunately it wasn't the one I made her try on above. She called it the bird cage, complete with feathers and all! I was able to take some great pictures for her, but I can't post them online because her wonderful fiance Ben hasn't seen the dress and won't until May 2nd, so for now I had to settle with posting a picture of her in the "Bird Cage"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Rug

So, I know that this isn't very exciting for most, but I'm so freakin' excited about David's new rug. It came in today and I just put it over the other one for right now. Isn't it cute?
I just wish Pottery Barn had not discontinued this entire line called Eli's Elephants.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend trip!

This weekend, JD and I got out of Huntsville and headed to the beach. We left Thursday after work and headed to Wetumpka where we spent the night with our friends Brian & Mandie. The boys played pool and we all hung out until going to sleep. We woke up and shared breakfast with their little girl Harlie. She is so cute!

JD and I headed South and stopped by the outlet mall and did some shopping for JD. We bought him 2 pair of golfing shorts and 2 golfing shirts. I was impressed I could even get him in the doors. We headed into Orange Beach and enjoyed lunch at Guy Harvey's Grill at the Warf. JD wanted to go to the driving range to hit a few golf balls before playing on Saturday, so we went there next. After golf practice, we went to the beach house and waited for Jeris & Jordan to arrive. We went to LuLu's to celebrate both of our March Anniversaries.

On Saturday, JD and Jordan went to play golf at Keva Dunes and Jeris and I went to the outlets in Foley. I had some great finds at Gymboree, Motherhood Maternity, and the Carter's Outlet.

We met up with the boys at the Original Oyster House for lunch, then things went down hill.

We went and spent some time on the beach, then, while getting ready for dinner, JD started feeling bad. He ended up getting food poisioning and threw up all night long. He rested and recovered all day on Sunday and we decided to wait until Monday to head home because traveling in the car would be difficult for JD. We finally got home this afternoon, YAH!

Here are some pictures from our trip!

These are the precious hats that Jeris' mom, Becky, made for baby David! They are so soft and too cute! I can't wait to put them on his little head!

This is the rocking chair from my room at the beach that we brought home and put in David's room. I can't wait to use it!

These are a few of the super cute outfits I found while shopping!!

I got these outfits, a little big, for next summer while David is hanging out with my dad at the beach!

I found this cute coat for David, perfect for those Alabama games this fall!!

*oh, we also found a rug for David's room today. We made a stop at the Pottery Barn Kids in Birmingham to look at rugs and found the perfect one. I didn't have my gift cards with me, so I had to call them and have it shipped to me. It should be here within a few days. I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary!

Today is our 3rd Anniversary and I couldn't be happier! JD and I were married March 4th of 2006. It is hard to believe it has been 3 years. That wonderful day seems like yesterday, and we constantly talk about our Honeymoon. It was the BEST trip ever. We had such a great time and everything worked out perfectly for us the entire time.
Today, JD suprised me at work with these beautiful roses. I LOVE THEM!
We are going to continue our celebration tonight with dinner at Cotton Row in Downtown Huntsville, then leave the beach tomorrow after work!
I can't wait!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This weekend, JD and I went to Auburn for our friend Mark's wedding to his beautiful bride Candice. We had a wonderful time at the rehearsal dinner on Friday. Saturday, we woke early to thunder and a text from my mother telling me the really bad weather was headed our way. We watched the weather closely and even went into our hotel room bathroom, just in case. There were reported tornados to the north and south of us. Thank God they went around us!
The weather cleared up and turned out very nice for the wedding.
During the reception, I played with our friends Brian & Mandie's little girl Harlie. She is so cute and I had a blast dancing with her and chasing her around the lobby.
I also won the Hula Hoop contest at the reception for our table!!
This morning, we awoke to blizzard like conditions outside. It was crazy going from Tornados one morning to blizzard the next. The Auburn/Opelika got a TON of snow. We drove through Auburn and the students were out building huge snowmen and throwing snowballs everywhere. Our drive home wasn't easy either. Through Auburn and most of the way to Montgomery (we decided to travel via interstate because of the weather) it snowed like crazy. It cleared up around Montgomery, then started back up around Prattville and continued for miles. When we got to Birmingham, the sun was out and it was hard to tell it had even snowed!
So, now we are home, and I have scanned the internet looking at baby boy bedding. I thought I wanted to do cowboy bedding, but now I am changing my mind. My boy has his whole life to decide he wants cowboy bedding, I want to pick something that I can put with other things, so I have ordered swatches of bedding collections that I like from Javis Davis, a custom bedding company in Fairhope. I will keep everyone posted on the choice I make!
Here are a few pictures from today. Below is the view from our room overlooking the Robert Trent Jones Golf course at Grand National in Auburn/Opelika.

This was driving (or riding in my case) through all of the snow! It was coming down really hard in some areas!!
*on a side note* I was asked to describe the ultrasound picture below in my previous post. David is now too large to be caught in one image, so this is an undershot of him. What you can see is his butt in the lower right corner, with his 2 legs coming up and his 3rd leg (or penis) in the middle. This is the indication of 100% boy!
We go back in a few weeks for our anatomy scan and will have a bunch of pictures to post that include a head, hands, etc.