Monday, April 27, 2009


Introducing...David's Grandy, my dad, Randy.
My dad loves the beach, the water, beer & cigars. He works hard to be able to go to the beach and fish on his boat, enjoy the beautiful weather and just get away.
He is already talking about teaching David how to fish and really enjoy life at the beach.
I can't wait for my dad to teach him how to catch blue crabs in the traps, and pin fish in the trap. How to fish off the dock and when he is big enough, how to fish in the ocean.
My dad really loves the beach and I can't wait for David to be able to enjoy it with him!

Friday, April 24, 2009

On a trip...

So, after a scary beginning to the week, I'm doing much better and I'm in Oxford visiting brothers Thad & Henry.  
(could contain TMI-can skip this paragraph if scared)
On Monday, I went to the doctor after work and I didn't have any contractions while hooked up to the monitor but when they did an ultrasound of my cervix, it had shortened.  That concerned my doctor and she said if it continued to, she would hospitalize me.  She also recommended that I stop working-it was too much for me to stand around and walk up and down the store-I am also tempted to lift heavy things and do a lot of things I'm not supposed to.  So Tuesday was my last day.  I went back to the doctor on Wednesday for my glucose test and another cervical scan.  My sugar was high, so after my trip, I have to go back and take a 4 hour glucose test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes.  I really hope that isn't the case!  I almost fainted in the doctors office after that, but they got me situated and finally were able to scan my cervix.  It has stabilized and my doctor felt better about it, and said I could go on my trip.
So yesterday, I drove from Huntsville to Oxford.  Mom met me on Highway 6 as we drove in together.  The boys were starving so we went to eat at Boure just off the square.  Thad got the shrimp pasta special, Henry got the pasta jambalaya, and Mom got the shrimp and grits.  I ordered a salad and had a sampler of all three other dishes.  It was amazingly good.  We then headed out to the Walmart where Thad and Henry had a field day getting groceries that Mom was going to pay for.  Once we got back, Henry said he had an awesome day.-Mom brought him a pair of my dad's old sunglasses-Costas-because his were stolen out of his car during his Spring Break break-in, he then got to go out to eat and not have to pay for it, then got to stock up on groceries!  They were some happy boys last night!
Today, Mom and I are going to Hernando to see Jamie at The Square Cupboard, then shop a little around Oxford, eat dinner with the boys again and prepare for Double Decker on Saturday. I'm so excited about Double Decker-not only is the weather going to be beautiful, I'm going to meet up with my old college friend Sara and her little girl Francis Ellen.  
After our Oxford adventures, Mom and I are going to Meridian for a few days then headed to the beach for some much needed sun and relaxation!  Then I'm off to Mobile for Jamie and Ben's wedding! I can't wait for all the fun things that are going to happen in the next week.  
I forgot my camera-I know-so I phone pictures and my mom's camera are going to have to do for documenting my adventures.  I'll post some from today--later.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Uncle Daniel

I want to start highligting the people in Baby David's life, and so I'm going to start with Uncle Daniel. I took this picture when I was at home for Easter.
Uncle Daniel is my brother who is 18 months younger than I am. He is married to a wonderful woman named Allyson who will be highlighted later. He also has two dogs, well-technically one-Elmer, a black lab. Allyson has a pitbull mix named Eli who lives at their house too!
Uncle Daniel is extremely adventerous. He was a cowboy out in Wyoming and Colorado for a while. He rode bulls until he got hurt by one. He now works for Hooper Electronics in Meridian and rides his motorcycle. He has also joined a "Riding Club" in Meridian. (He has a patch on the back of the leather jacket he is wearing in the picture)
We love Uncle Daniel-the life of the party-and can't wait for David to meet him!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A little worry... (could contain TMI)

I know there have been several posts today, but there is a reason. I am at home today and tomorrow on doctors orders. After church on Sunday, I started feeling pretty bad and having a lot of pain, I was really tired on top of all of that which made everything worse. I drove back this morning but things didn't get any better. I went to the doctor as soon as I got home and they did an ultrasound to check my cervix. Everything was ok, just a ton of pressure. My doctor thinks that all of my activities is causing the pain and even more contractions. She had me rest today and tomorrow and go back to work on Wednesday, then go into her office and get hooked up to the monitor to check for contractions after I've been working. She gave me some meds to help with the pressure.
With all of that bad news, came a great look at Baby David. He was very active and has grown so much in the last few weeks. He had his hands up by his head and we could even see him open his mouth a few times. The tech said she thought he was trying to get his hands in there! I got a great look at his fingers and toes, profile and how he is sitting. Still head down and very low which adds to all of the pressure.
So, I'm hanging out at home for the next few days, reading and watching TV. The doctor said if I get an urge to organize a closet or do yard work to sit my butt down and not touch a thing. I think computer work is ok though.
Below are the pictures the tech printed out for me. I labeled the profile picture of the baby so you could see what was involved in the picture. The other is a great picture of his foot.

Belly Pictures

First and foremost, I need to give TONS of credit to Lindsey of Linden Tree Photography for these awesome pictures. After helping her with Jamie's bridal pictures, she took a few shots of me and my belly. I did poke it out a little for these shots, but not too much!

The Crib

Here are some pictures of David's room now. The crib is absolutely beautiful and I need to get to work on some paintings for his room.
Detail shot of the crib bedding

View from the door
View of the left side of the room

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Crib is IN!

I just got a call that the crib is in!! John David has been sweet enough to agree to record some of the masters to go with me to pick up the crib and we will put it together tomorrow morning while it rains and before I leave for Meridian! I can't wait, and I know you can't wait to see how fabulous David's crib and bedding are!!

Just some of the work I've been doing...

Maggie Jones-11 months old

Abby Banks--3 1/2 months old

Ally Lapidus-Photoshoot for
I just finished up some more pictures for them and they should be on their website soon!

Lots of things...

I have been quite busy over the last week with work, photography and more! I can't wait to be off work and away for Easter. I am so ready to drive to Meridian to spend time with my parents and brothers, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I have more work to do!

Ok. So yesterday I apparently started REALLY showing. I had more "Oh my gosh" comments from people who see me everyday that I thought I was a whale! I wore 2 colored tshirts and a black comfy skirt to work in yesterday. Not many people said anything when the dark green shirt was on top, but then while eating lunch, i dropped some food on my green shirt and it got a big spot on it, so I decided to change out my shirts and put the white one on top to cover up my catch all from lunch. Boy was that a mistake. After that, I had people round a corner and the first words out of their mouths was WOW! Somebody's really showing now. No crap! I have to see this belly everyday. I see it under the clothes so I know how big it is, I know there is a baby in there! I can feel him moving around people! I love my little baby boy and can't wait for him to come, I just need to get used to the comments, I know they aren't going away!

On a lighter more fun note, I went with my friend Jamie to have her bridal portraits done. Her sister Lindsey is a photographer in LaGrange, Georgia and came up for a family visit and to take Jamie's pics. We had a blast going around Huntsville taking some awesome shots. I got to enjoy watching someone else behind the camera and I was more of an assistant in fixing the dress and veil and helping with locations. We took shots at the Church of Nativity, the old downtown bank building, the steps leading down to big spring park, in front of some doors downtown, and in the cemetery. I know the last one sounds a little morbid, but her sister got some great shots. The cemetery is in full bloom and a beautiful location for pictures when you can focus on your subject and not have the background play a huge roll. After we were finished, Lindsey even took a few "belly" pics of me just for fun. I will post one when I get them from her.

I also signed Lindsey up to take my maternity pictures and my newborn pictures. I can and will take a million pictures of my baby, but I wanted someone else to do the maternity pictures that way John David could be a part of them too. I also wanted her to come up and take some family pictures of the three of us once David is born. She does wonderful work and I'm so glad she has a reason to come to Huntsville every now and then. Check out her work at

And last but not least...Baby David's crib bedding came in yesterday!!! I was so excited! Now if we only had a crib to put it all on! I am going to wait and post pictures of the bedding once it is on the crib and in the nursery. I'm going to call today and find out where that crib is!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

This weekend, JD went to Scottsdale, Arizona so I had the weekend to get a lot done.
I washed sheets and cleaned house, and painted some.
I worked all day Saturday, then went to the Junior League of Huntsville's Girls Night Out for their Spring Market, where I shopped with Jamie and her sister Carolyn.
I bought Baby David these tiny softees that I love! The blue blanket can tuck inside the football-how cute! I had a baby blue "D" monogrammed on the little Elephant, just for David. After Shopping, Vern Yip from Trading Spaces was there to give a decorating talk. Below is a picture of him-just for Mom!
I realized today that I have posted about all the cute gifts from others but neglected to post about all of the cute outfits that David's Aunt Jensi has given him. Below are the extremely cute outfits that David will wear as he grows-the overalls will hopefully fit when we take him to Tate Farms by Aunt Jensi's house to the Pumpkin Patch! I can't wait to see him wear all of these!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun New Gifts...and baby news!

We recieved another sweet gift in the mail for Baby David this week. My sweet friend, Fonatine, sent this super soft nightgown to David. She had one for her daughter Marion and she wore it for 11 months! I hope David can get that kind of wear out of it! Thanks so much Fontaine, Sam & Marion!

We also got an awesome gift from April & Jason. How did April know this was one of the things JD specifically asked for? I can't wait to take David out on a stroll-or get some work done around the house with him "attached." Thanks so much April, Jason & Abby!
OK, now other baby news...after working on Thursday from 9-3, going to a Young Life fundraiser, I layed down in the bed to watch some TV before falling asleep and Baby David started kicking up a storm. He was moving around and having a great time in my belly. It was so nice to be able to feel him. I just wish John David could have been there. He is on Ben's Bachelor Party in Scottsdale, AZ playing golf and hanging out by the pool!

Oh, BTW I had a stranger ask me when I was due. It was the first time anyone had been brave enough to ask me! I was quite excited and told her how brave she was to ask!
My belly is growing and I need to take just the right picture. I took some the other night in the mirror but I have decided that at night is not the best time to take a picture. My belly is huge at night and shrinks down overnight to a normal preggers belly, so I need to take a picture in the morning or mid-day, instead of at night. Maybe tomorrow...

Havoc...Hockey that is...

Last Monday Night I went to the last Huntsville Havoc Hockey game with Jensi. This season, my best friend Jensi has been OBSESSED with the Huntsville Havoc, so we had to go see them play in game 4 of the playoffs. They won in overtime, which was awesome, but I was extremely tired-after working 9-6, then going to a hockey game that lasted until 10:30, I was worn out.
Below is the only picture I could get Jensi to take with me and she still has that "I hate you for making me take this picture" look on her face. I love you girl!!

PS. Today, April 4th is Jensi's 26th Birthday! Happy Birthday Jensi! Can't wait to meet and post pictures of your new puppy!