Friday, May 29, 2009

Elephant shoes and Sweet Tea

This morning I had major preggers brain and thought it was Saturday morning. The poor girl I have a photo shoot with tomorrow morning must think I'm crazy. Anyway, because I was up early and still in the nesting mood, I made JD go with me to pick up the highchair that his parents bought for us at Huffman's. While we were there I found the CUTEST Elephant shoes that David will definitely wear to his first Alabama game and on game weekends (while they fit) I was so excited about them and I think you should be too!

Oh, and here is the highchair. Ready to be used, even though he won't sit in it for the next 6 months. Guess we will have to make room in a closet somewhere until then.
And about the sweet tea... I have been quite religious about the no caffeine limitation they tend to place on pregnant women. They will allow you to have one 8 oz serving a day, but why even do that. I detest coffee and can live with caffeine free Coke, I have discovered though, that I can't live without Sweet Tea. I don't drink it everyday and only will indulge myself once a week at the most, I just have to say that it is by far the best drink out there, and it is hard to find tea sweeter or better than right here in Alabama. I feel sorry for those who live outside the south and have to sweeten their tea with artificial sweeteners at a restaurant. I'm sorry, Sweet Tea isn't sweet tea without loads of REAL sugar.
OK, enough of that. I have to continue to clean out our office/laundry room, den and half bath before the guys get here next week to rip out the carpet and linoleum and put in our new hardwoods!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ultrasound Slideshow

Ultrasound Pictures

Here is a slide show of Baby David from Sprinkle size to all of our 4D pictures. (These are especially for Uncle Henry)


Well, I took Dixie to the vet and she had gotten into an ant bed. The vet put her on an antibiotic and benadryl twice a day. Let me just say, if you have a hyperactive dog and have not tried Benadryl, it is a miracle drug. My dog who literally bounces off the wall has been the most calm, tired, and sweet puppy I have ever met. We have to keep her on the meds for 10 days and I'm thinking I'm going to enjoy those 10 days a lot! She really needs the benadryl though because when it wears off, she licks her belly over and over and irritates the bug bites, so I have to make sure to give her the meds late at night and then first thing in the morning to keep her from getting anything infected.

On a fun note, we had someone give us our pack-n-play today! We were about to go to dinner and saw a big box on the front doorstep. We were so excited to have such a useful gift and one of our bigger items bought for us. We have our much anticipated Birmingham Guys & Gals shower this Sunday at Jeris' mom's house. We are so excited to see friends that we don't get to see often. I am super excited about Kate and Ben flying in from Denver and Lena and Omar flying in from Hartford. What awesome friends I have! Samantha, Jeris, Jensi, Kate, Lena, Katy Beth, Melissa & Alexa--I can't wait for Sunday-you girls are the best!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend Fun...

This weekend we ended up staying at home, which worked out best for us. I didn't feel great at the start of the weekend, but enjoyed some pool time on Friday anyway. We cooked out with friends on Sunday and had the dogs playing in the yard at the same time. On Monday, we went to the cookout at the Ledges and the girls sat by the pool while the boys played golf. It was a great time except for the fact that I got burned on the top of my legs. I reapplied sunscreen 3 times but still got toasted on the tops. We had a great dinner at Martha and Don's to end the weekend.

Today, I've been working on the house. Don is going to paint the hall bathroom in a Pottery Barn blue color that will be nice for guests as well as baby David. We got another estimate on having the floors done in the den so hopefully that will be happening soon.

We got some great gifts today too! Two of JD's staff members got him a Musical arch for this car seat that will keep him quite entertained -hopefully. They also got him 2 really cute outfits by Zutano, which I also love! Then, UPS rang the doorbell and delivered another gift. I opened it up and it was THE cutest blue bull hooded towel from Uncle Daniel and Aunt Allyson! I know that is was for our shower this coming Sunday in Birmingham, but I couldn't resist opening it! Thanks so much! We LOVE it. The towel even has hoofs and a tail! Too cute!

On a side note, our dog Dixie has some weird bug bites on her belly and I'm going to have to take her to the vet in the morning to have them checked out. I hope they are all ok.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here he is! Look at how sweet he is! I can't wait to meet him!
Watch out Mary Louis-he's gonna be a hottie!

I went to the doctor today and had another fetal fibronictin test-will get the results tomorrow. Then went into my 4D ultrasound. It was really awesome. We worked really hard for 45 minutes to get these pictures. He is head down facing my spine and did not want his picture taken, but after a lot of coaxing, we got him to make his debut.
He has really really long legs and his feet are up with his hands. He will randomly take one hand and scratch his nose or his forehead every once in a while. The ultrasound tech said he looked really big to be 26 weeks so that is a good sign, that he is growing pretty fast and if he comes early he won't be SO tiny.
I will work on doing some kind of slideshow and maybe even figure out how to put some of the DVD from the ultrasound on here.
Still trying to figure out all this new stuff.
Hope you enjoyed your sneak peak at what is to come!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Angel Mother...

"All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." ~Abraham Lincoln

I realize that this Mother's Day post is a week overdue, but I seem to be feeling better and having a new laptop that I can blog from the kitchen helps.
When I was born, everyone thought I looked just like my mom and her grandmother Mary Olivia Price Lloyd, which would make a lot of sense. We were both named after her and rightfully so. She was an amazing woman who spent her summers entertaining my mom and aunt in the backwoods of Mississippi. Anyway, everyone couldn't have been more wrong about my looks. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am a long haired female version of my dad. While I like to do things my dad enjoys, I think people were on the right path about me. While I don't look just like my mother, the older I get, and as I approach motherhood myself, I seem to act more and more like her. She and I both share a passion for children, being bossy, & having an artsy crafty side. Although we enjoy the artsy part of cooking, like decorating cookies and cakes (and collecting cake pans and cookie cutters) neither one of us aspired to be a chef.
We share a passion for family and would go to the ends of the earth for someone we love. We have great survival skills -we had to in our house full of boys!
My mom is the most amazing, passionate, loving, creative woman I know and I aspire to be a Randy-looking version of her.
Thanks Mom for all of your nurturing support throughout this pregnancy. I couldn't have done it without you! I can't wait for David to meet you and know all the joys that I have because you are a part of his life.
Happy Late Mother's Day! I can't wait to share the day with you next year!

(PS. I also sent my mother a card and had given her a gift beforehand, so this isn't her only mother's day shout out)

Special Gifts

This past weekend was extremely exciting. My mom came up on Thursday afternoon so we had all day Friday to hang out and do fun stuff-with me doing a lot of resting in between.
She also brought along with her a special gift for David. A hand knitted towel. Mom has just started knitting and I think she did a pretty darn good job with David's towel. Thanks Mom! I LOVE IT!
I also got a gift from my Aunt Sue in North Carolina--David's Mobile. I am so excited to have the stars and moon on his crib now.
The painting resting on the crib is one I am working on. I ordered letters to add his name to it in chocolate brown. If that doesn't look good, I'm going to do a lot more detail to the painting and hang it anyway, and put his name somewhere else.
Everything is coming together, and I'm so excited.

26 weeks today! I'm below 100 days to go which is awesome!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Huntsville Baby Shower

This Saturday was my baby shower in Huntsville. It was a beautiful shower and I got a ton of cute stuff. Here are a few pictures from the shower.
Mom and Martha -Thanks Moms for awesome gifts and all your care and support!
Shower Hostesses. Thanks Ladies for doing such a wonderful job, everything was beautiful, and I LOVE my Stroller!
Thanks Jamie & Jenny for helping host and for taking pictures and dealing with all of the gifts!
It was also a special treat to have Baby David's Great Grandmother and her sister come to the shower. (Grandmother is in the middle)
Me on the stairs among all the wonderful gifts.
Opening on of my favorites! The cutest Alabama smocked outfit, perfect for football season!

Monday, May 11, 2009


So one of the things I started working on when I was at the beach was making an outfit for David-my first real sewing project. It is far from perfect, but I had to start somewhere, so this little green john john is what I made. I learned a lot from this project, including that I HAVE to iron out my seams. I learned how to do a button hole on my sewing machine, and that I really need to use a ruler when sewing!

This weekend, JD and I were at home, relaxing and staying indoors because the weather wasn't nice, so I decided to make another outfit and work on my sewing. I chose a cute jumper that is supposed to be a smaller size. Below is what I made. I did iron my seams and measured some. I need to work on keeping an even seam allowance. I learned out to put on snaps and i ironed on the elephant. The cute little gray buttons are from my great-grandmothers sewing basket. Not sure when David will ever be able to fit into this outfit, but I think it is cute and pleased that I was able to make another outfit.

I am also taking smocking on Monday nights. I am currently learning basic geometric smocking and the next class is picture smocking. The best thing I have learned is that the place where I take smocking sells pre-made outfits with the smocking area already sewn in. All you have to do is smock and it is done! That is my kind of smocking!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Far Behind...

OK, so I KNOW I'm behind on my blogging and I promise to catch everyone up and not get so far behind again.
My trip to Oxford & Hernando was wonderful. I got to eat a few meals with Thad and Henry, spend quality time with Loki-Thad's dog and the best part was visiting Jamie and her store-The Square Cupboard-in Hernando. Jamie had some SUPER cute gifts for David that included an elephant towel and a "d" bib. She also gave him his first Christopher Radko Christmas ornament! We had lunch at the eatery next door and enjoyed a great visit. The next morning, Mom and I went to the Double Decker Art Festival where we walked around the square in Oxford a million times until we decided on what to buy. I got to see my wonderful friend from BSC-Sara and her little girl Francis Ellen. She is too cute!-It really was wonderful getting to see you Sara-we need to make plans for a visit that lasts longer than 5 minutes and isn't so hot!
Mom and I ended up getting some art from the same artist-and I have pictures-but they are on Mom's camera so I will have to add them next weekend when she comes to town.

Then we were off to Meridian-went to church on Sunday-which Baby David really enjoyed-he kicked during all of the songs-so hard Mom finally got to feel him kick! He did take a rest during the sermon though. We had brunch with Uncle Daniel & Aunt Allyson which was fun too!
We got to see Uncle Brooks and the Frankster, and lunch with Sharon before leaving for the BEACH!

We made it to the beach on Tuesday just in time for Grandy to take us out to eat. We had a great time eating, shopping and RELAXING at the beach. Of course, I had to hit up the Carter's outlet sale and buy a few things for David-but I just can't help it-I LOVE buying for this kid!

On Friday, I made my way to Mobile for Jamie & Ben's wedding. The Rehearsal dinner was at the Ezell house in Mobile-which was a wonderful setting for a family style dinner. I ate breakfast with Melissa the next morning at Spot of Tea, then went to get ready for the wedding. The wedding was at the chapel on Springhill College's campus and the reception was also on campus at the Stewartfield House. The weather was perfect and everything was absolutely wonderful.

I had to sit back and enjoy most of the wedding and activities from afar. I starting having some severe contractions Friday night at the rehearsal dinner (thank goodness for Ben's cousin Julie)They continued into Saturday, but I sucked it up and went to the wedding festivities. JD was a great Daddy and sat down with me for most of the reception-and even went to bed early with me.

We got back to Huntsville on Sunday and I feel like I haven't stopped going to the doctor since we got home. I went on Monday to make sure the pain and contractions weren't causing any changes to my cervix. Everything checked out ok and they gave me a new medication for the contractions. I went on Tuesday for the 3 hour glucose test-which by the way is the WORST thing to have to go through. I was there for 4 hours-they stabbed my arms 4 times and took viles of blood, for the test results to come back today and be normal. I knew I was ok. I went back to the doctor today for the Fetal Fibronectin Test-which is a predictor test for early labor and I got a call back this afternoon and it came back negative-whew! After a long talk with the doctor-I REALLY need to make it to 28 weeks, she will really breathe a sigh of relief when I make it to 32 weeks. Let's just hope David decides to wait it out and come around 37 weeks (which was her prediction).

OK, well I know this post was rather boring and I have other things that I need to get done-more cleaning-more laundry, etc.....
I promise more pictures with my next posts!