Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just an update...

I haven't blogged in a few days and just wanted to give an update. I went back to the doctor on Monday. They hooked me up to the monitor and of course, I was contracting. She checked me and my cervix is still at 2cm, but the baby's head is lower. She said if I went 12-18 hours without contractions that he would come back up but it is obvious that I can't go that long without contractions so his head just moves on down. Therefore, she doesn't have a clue as to when he is going to come. She just said to make sure they call her when I'm at the hospital and in active labor! She also said that he feels like he is a good size. So we might be close to 5 lbs now!
On another note, I did learn from my short stay in the hospital to expect him at any point and to have my bags ready. So I have gotten together a list and have packed most of what I will need. That way all I have to do is grab the bags and go. I also have the car seat installed in the car (professionally done by the Huntsville Area Safe Kids). I need to prepare my email list to notify friends and family of when I'm headed to the hospital, and I need to prepare my text list also. Other than that, I'm good. We are ready to go when it comes to the hospital and having this baby. I promise to take pictures of David's room soon and post them. It is all ready for him to come home!

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Rebecca said...

good luck Olivia! This time is so exciting! We are thinking about you and David!