Thursday, August 13, 2009

David Update with pictures...

David and I have been doing wonderful! He is growing each and every day! He is waking up more and more during the day, opening his beautiful eyes and checking everything out. We have been so blessed to have my mom here last week and some this week. She really helped me out when David was upset in the middle of the night. She also helped with laundry, fixing me breakfast and keeping me hydrated throughout the day. Mom also got me and David out of the house which was much needed. We have already made our way around Target, Hobby Lobby, The Ledges, Interior Marketplace and several other small stores and restaurants.
Thanks Mom for everything! David misses you already!
David wrapped up in the elephant blanket that my former student, Miss Margo, sent him!
David snoozing in my arms. Don't you love the polka dots!

Last night, post bath, hanging out in our chair. We love the vibrating chair!

See my eyes open!!

This morning we went strolling down the street with Dixie.

We head to the doctor tomorrow morning for our 2 week checkup so more updates tomorrow!

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