Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

David's First Beach Trip

We are officially on our first beach trip to Orange Beach. We got here on Sunday and we went to Tacky Jacks for dinner. On Monday we took David to the pool! Dressed in his super cute swimsuit, he got a ride on a blowup alligator, then a dunk in the pool. He wasn't a huge fan of the pool, so we came in and went to Publix. After lunch, we went to the Warf to walk around then had a beer and appetizer at Ginny Lane Grill & Bar. We took David to the Beach and discovered he didn't like sand, but who would at 2 months? I don't really like it at 26.
Today, we went to the outlet mall and did a little bit of Christmas shopping. We ate lunch at LuLu's then came back to the house to nap and enjoy the beautiful weather. Enjoy the pictures from our trip so far!

David's First Alabama Game

On Saturday, we took David to his first Alabama game! Our wonderful friend McCain got us tickets in his family box in the stadium so we decided David could go to the game with us! He went around the Quad in the Baby Bjorn, and luckily we were under a white tent when the rain came. We however decided to head to the stadium in the rain. Armed with a raincoat and two large umbrellas, we make the walk in the rain. We got up to the box and enjoyed time before the game, had a blast during the game, and hung out a little bit after the game to let the crowds get ahead. David was spoiled at his first Alabama game. Great seats, the ability to move around and tons of people to love on him!

After we beat Arkansas

JD, Shannon Marks and McCain Ashurst
College Friends

Friday, September 25, 2009


We have started putting David in his Bumbo seat some during the day to work on his neck and back muscles. I have been putting him in it while I get ready in the bathroom. I put him facing the mirror so he could look at himself, but he was more interested in the lights, so I turned him around and enjoyed watching him figure out what in the world he was doing in this weird seat.

We call the image below his "Wassup" picture. Love how his head is cocked to the side and his hand in in position to throw up a sign.

I emailed on of these pictures to my mom from my iPhone and typed Bumbo in for the subject and it changed it right when I sent it to Bimbo. So Bumbo, Bimbo, Whatever.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Updates and LOTS of pictures

Last weekend I went to Oxford for some family time. David and I left Thursday afternoon for Oxford and got there just in time to go eat dinner at Phillip's Grocery with Mom and Thad.
We checked out the new townhouse then headed to the condo for some rest. We went to Hernando on Friday to see Jamie and Charlie and to visit Jamie's beautiful store The Square Cupboard where we ran into my wonderful college friend Sara, her husband Judson and their beautiful little girl, Frances Ellen. We ate lunch, went to see Jamie & Charlie's new house then headed back to Oxford. My Dad had driven up the new furniture for the townhouse, so we went there to help supervise and assemble furniture. I put together the beds upstairs while Dad and the boys worked on the downstairs furniture. We walked to the Square for dinner at Ajax then called it a night. On Saturday we did a little shopping then headed to the grove. I didn't stay too long there, and took David back to the condo for some much needed rest. Below are a few pictures from Oxford.

David getting some much needed lovin' from his YaYa!

Pre-game with Uncle Thad. I had to take a picture because they matched. Too Cute!

David resting from all the action in The Grove. It was REALLY muddy!

Just had to show you how much my baby loves his bath time. Isn't he the cutest!

This is a typical look for David and I. I usually have spitup all over me and go through at least 4 shirts a day. Isn't it lovely??

On Sunday, I drove from Oxford to Birmingham for JD's Grandmother's 90th Birthday lunch. We ate lots of yummy food and everyone got to see David. I took a picture below of the four generations on JD's side of the family.

Four Generations! Great-Grandmother Lollar, Martha (Nana), JD and David

Visiting Jamie in The Square Cupboard

Just a cute picture to end the post!
PS. I still need 5 more comments on Linden Tree Photography to get my free 5x7. If you haven't made your comment, please go do so! I LOVED these pictures and would love to have another!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Game Day

Game Day in our house is a big deal! This was last weekend when Alabama played Florida International. We started out the day by going on a walk around the neighborhood.

Then we watch Game Day on ESPN with Daddy on the couch.

Then we fall asleep watching other teams play games.

Then it is time to get ready to see the Tide play. David looked SO cute in his Alabama smocked outfit and managed to stay awake for the first half of the game.

This weekend, David and I are in Oxford for a family weekend, so I will post more on this game day later.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jeff & Ben's Birthday Cake

Last night was a fun fiesta birthday party for our friends Jefff & Ben. They both turn 30 within a month of each other so Ben's beautiful wife Jamie, his mom Ginger, and Jeff's mom Linda threw them a fun party. I was asked to make a birthday cake for the boys and a corona cake was suggested, so pretty much all day yesterday, I baked a golden yellow butter cake (2 sheet cakes) from scratch and 3 batches of Buttercream icing from scratch and created a Corona Cake for the boys. It was a huge hit at the party along with the pinata filled with liquor minis (another funny story all by itself). Check out the other pictures of the cake below.

PS-I have obviously been watching way to much Cake Boss & Ace of Cakes to think that I could make this big of a cake in 1 day while taking care of a 6 week old.
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Designer Baby

David was a Designer Baby yesterday in his Burberry outfit that Lena & Omar sent him.
It was an awesome gift. It came wrapped in the most beautiful box and was a wonderful surprise. JD's first comment was "Wow, my kid gets Burberry before I do!" Needless to say, he rocked the outfit all day and still has some room in it, so we will be sporting it several more times!
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David & His New Buddy

David has his first friend! He and Gaines Penney are already friends at the ripes old age of 6 & 8 weeks. David and Gaines were due 2 days apart at the end of August, but Gaines decided he wanted to come 5 weeks early. He spent 1 week in the NICU but was just fine. He is such a cute little boy who looks just like his Mom Chris.
The picture above was from their first meeting. The boys were really sweet to "pose" for us to take pictures. Below is a picture that Chris' husband Zack took of us before going walking last Thursday morning. (The running stroller was a hand-me-down gift from the Ziegler's that is AWESOME! It works much better on the old sidewalks of downtown)

Friday, September 4, 2009

We made Lindsey's Blog!!

Some of our maternity shoot pictures made Lindsey Lingenfelter's Linden Tree Photography Blog. Please go check them out and leave a comment! She has an awesome offer for me if yall go comment! Please show us some love!!
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