Tuesday, September 29, 2009

David's First Alabama Game

On Saturday, we took David to his first Alabama game! Our wonderful friend McCain got us tickets in his family box in the stadium so we decided David could go to the game with us! He went around the Quad in the Baby Bjorn, and luckily we were under a white tent when the rain came. We however decided to head to the stadium in the rain. Armed with a raincoat and two large umbrellas, we make the walk in the rain. We got up to the box and enjoyed time before the game, had a blast during the game, and hung out a little bit after the game to let the crowds get ahead. David was spoiled at his first Alabama game. Great seats, the ability to move around and tons of people to love on him!

After we beat Arkansas

JD, Shannon Marks and McCain Ashurst
College Friends

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