Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Soccer boy, new camera & more...

I have been away from blogging lately, but I've been kinda busy. Baby David has been keeping me tied up. Literally. He has reverted back to being a newborn who wants his mommy 24 hours a day. His tummy is upset a lot and so he wants to be held, talked to, played with, etc, which is exhausting.

On a fun note, I got a new camera for an early christmas present from JD (thanks a million babe). I upgraded from the Nikon D70 to the D90. It is an awesome camera that even has a video feature. So I contribute the video above to the new camera. This was one of David's happier moments today. He really does love to lay on this mat and kick that ball. Dixie loves to come and watch him do it too. (thinking he might kick the ball hard enough to come off and let her play with it!)

I promise to do better with blogging, for now, enjoy the video and look for more in the future!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Game Day

Roll Tide Roll!
Today, I FINALLY finished the outfit I smocked while pregnant then made half the outfit the morning David was born, then never finished it. Well I was bound and determined to finish it today and have him wear this outfit!! So, I finished sewing up the side, added the elastic and finished up the bottom, sewed on the Elephant buttons and put it on his little body!
The outfit seemed to be good luck too! What an exciting win over LSU!
JD and I are now going to make our arrangements to head to Atlanta in the beginning of December for the SEC Championship game against Florida.
Roll Tide!

I Love...

I Love this baby! I can't tell you how much I love David, but I'm going to give you reasons why I do:

How could you not love this face?
I love how he lights up and smiles when I walk in the room.
I love his precious smile.
I love the dimple on his cheek.
I love that he looks JUST like his Daddy.
I love that his eyes are still blue and that means he does have a tad bit of me in him.
I love his round belly.
I love that he LOVES bath time.
I love watching him sleep, he is so peaceful.
I love that he loves watching football on tv.
I love that he loves his dog. He isn't bothered by Dixie at all.
I love how my dog loves David too.
I love the fact that he depends on me for so much.
I love his tiny hands and feet.
I love that he has really started sleeping at night.
I love that his his hair is growing in and it is curly when wet!
I love that he lets me take pictures of him like I do.
I love absolutely EVERYTHING about him!
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!
(If you didn't already know)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

David's 3 Month Photoshoot

Click here to see the rest

Halloween Party

On Halloween Night, we went over to our friends Marshall & Garret Schreeder's house for a Halloween Party for the babies! It was so much fun! There was a ton of awesome food and the kids seemed to have fun dressing up and getting to hang out with each other. Check out the slide show for the pictures from the evening. (you can click on the slide show to look at the photos larger)