Monday, May 31, 2010

10 Months!

I can't believe David is 10 months old today. It is hard to believe I was relaxing at the pool just hoping he wouldn't come to early last year and now I'm chasing a crazy busy little boy!
I haven't updated about all of David's new milestones but he has in fact, advanced a lot in the last few weeks.
David is crawling now. He is all over the place and into everything. He is a speed crawler now too. If I'm not watching him closely he is headed straight for Dixie's dog bowls! He is picking up his legs and trying to stand up. He is pulling up on a few things, where he feels comfortable and he loves to hold your hands and walk around. It won't be too long before the boy is running everywhere!
David has said his first word. He says Mama, or rather screams it when he wants something, but he will look right at me and say it so I will either hold him or feed him one! He also says baba for bottle but not too often. Now he has just figured out he can just say Mama over and over again until he gets what he wants.
David has a tooth! He has his first tooth already broken through and another one that will show white in the next day or so.
He is eating and eating and eating! The boy is like a vacuum cleaner! He still eats some baby foods but he loves to try anything. He will chew up fried chicken, potatoes, fruit, "baby" goldfish, Mini teddy grahams, he loves the Gerber cheese puffs and yogurt melts! If we are out and he sees us eating, he wants to eat too, even if he just had a full meal!
He still loves dogs. He thinks they are hilarious! We went to visit Aunt Jensi and David thought her dog Roux was the funniest thing. He just kept on laughing. Our own dog Dixie is warming up to him more and more. Now that he is mobile, he chases her around some and she will even play back with him every once in a while.
David hates having his diaper changed & getting dressed. He takes that as time to spin around, twist and fuss as much as possible until he finally gives up and lets me finish so I will put him down and he can go about his business.
I had to lower David's mattress in his crib because of the pulling up and I now need to lower it again because I feel that he could get a little excited and figure out how to go over the side. But I think he might miss his favorite new activity. When David wakes up now, he doesn't cry, he stands up and goes over to his toy bag that is tied to the side of his crib and he throws every toy out of it onto the floor. He will do this until he has emptied it, then he cries for me to come in and get him! What a clever little kid!
Speaking of throwing things on the floor. I'm afraid he has figured out how to feed Dixie when he is in his highchair. He loves throwing things on the floor and watching her eat them. I seriously have to watch him ALL THE TIME!!
He is still wearing 12 month clothes but is starting to wear some 18 month things. His growing has slowed down though, but his weight is staying the same and he is slimming down in his mid section. All the crawling is making him skinny!
I'm sure I'm missing something but I'm tired and ready for bed. I hope you enjoyed the precious beach pictures, they are the reason I didn't do a 10 month shoot today. Just one pic from my iPhone.


The Penney's said...

Sweetest little the post

Jana said...

Love it....can't believe he's 10 months...enjoy! It goes so fast!