Friday, May 28, 2010

Beach Trip (lots of pics)

Last weekend, Jamie & I took David to the beach for the weekend. The boys were at a bachelor party so we decided to head to the beach!
Here we are on the back porch enjoying the view of Ole River
We went to eat at Cosmos, which was wonderful! David was entertained the entire time by the live music. Notice the band behind him. He was turned completely around the entire time we ate.
We went on the beach and David was instantly a beach bum! Being the weird Mom that I am, I toook a huge blanket and made David sit on it for most of the time we were out there. I guess because I don't really like sand, I don't want my child covered in it either.

His first time in the Gulf (above) & a sweet moment with his momma!
The sun, sand and surf wore this baby out!

And after a quick power nap, he was at it again!

(BTW, when I did put him in the sand, he stared at it and felt it for a while before he, of course, put it in his mouth!)
We headed to the pool to finish getting the sand off!
David Loves his float!

David even got to hang out with his Uncle Daniel and Aunt Allyson, who were also down at the house with some friends!

And I had to take David and do a beach photoshoot too! Enjoy these pics! He is one beautiful baby!

And one last shot with his Momma!
(We did other fun things and I have those pictures somewhere else, hopefully another post soon)

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The Penney's said...

How preciious!! I love the beach pictures!!!