Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Newest Discovery...


The 2 pictures above were done while I was in the shower and David was playing in the bathroom floor.

These 2 were taken AFTER I had cleaned up the first mess and I was drying my hair and David proceeded to play again!


And finally, Last night we had a WONDERFUL dinner with the Schreeders and the Wilsons. Ann Fowlkes was IN LOVE with David! She wanted him to go everywhere with her and play with her. While we were eating dinner, AF and David watched a movie in the kitchen. She was telling him to kiss her. The above picture was me trying to capture a kiss on camera but she was too fast for the iphone. Too cute!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snoozin' on Daddy

We cooked a summer veggie meal tonight over at the Wilson's, which was wonderful, then sat down to watch some tv. David was obviously tired because he fell sound asleep on his daddy's tummy while taking his bottle. Isn't this precious?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Club Peney

This summer has been hot and The Penney's backyard has been the perfect place for cool off! We had a great casual dinner the other night with the Penney's, Williams', and the Broughtons.
The Girls!

Haylea caught me mid bite! David was also enjoying the food!

The little boys in "jail"
We have also gotten to enjoy the pool during the day!
Greame & David in their floats!
All 3 boys!! Too cute!

David's sunscreen Mohawk!


David and I headed to the pool this morning for some much needed R&R. It was overcast so I lathered him up and made sure the sun didn't get him through the clouds. Instead of making the poor kid wear a hat, I spray his head/hair down with sunscreen and it leaves his hair really crusty so I mold it into an awesome mohawk and that is how he wears his hair at the pool. Isn't he the cutest?

Very serious in the one above.

And after we were done swimming and ready to go home, we still had the "hawk."
If I was an alternative mother, I would do this to his hair all the time because I think it looks so cute but I'm afraid of him seeing these pictures later in life and wanting to do it then. I don't think I will think it is as cute as I do now!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday, so to celebrate, We had a small get together at Concert in the Park on Monday night. We brought chairs and blankets, JD got Pizza and cookie cake, and Jamie and Ben did the drinks and setup! It was a fun time had by all...even though it was a million degrees outside! Here are some pictures from the festivities!
The boys playing on the cooler

There was standing around and talking...
and eating...
And playing...Isn't Sarah Grace the most beautiful little girl!! These boys will be fighting over her soon!
Haylea & Chris
(Thanks girls for a fun birthday lunch yesterday!)
Chris & Gaines
David enjoyed the pizza
and some cake too! (he took it out of my hands!)
And the big boys tended to their little boys!
Family picture!
Thanks JD for a wonderful birthday!
And a special Thanks to Jamie for getting this fun event together! and to Ben for doing the setup! The table was so cute!

My girls!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day John David!
From Day 1, You have been such an amazing dad!
Loving on your boy!
Taking him on trips
Enjoying life as a family
Showing David off
Keeping him happy

and loving him more than anything on this earth!
We love you SOO much!
Also a special Happy Father's Day to Grandy and Pop!

I turned my head and...

I was making a cake in the kitchen yesterday and David was pulling up on my legs and wanting up on the counter so I set him up and had a hand on him while I was beating cake mix. I was watching the cake batter and David leaned over and...
Grabed a plum!
So I grabbed by camera. He was devouring it!
Of course, it was everywhere!
and stained everything!
But after a quick strip down and a bath, he was as good as new!

Early Works Visit

Last week, the weather was hot and a little stormy so we decided to meet up at the Early Works Children's Museum and let the boys play. It is great to have this fabulous museum so close to our house. It has great areas for the kids to play in and the best part is we don't have to clean up. We can just let them play and play and they aren't messing up our houses!
David & Gaines at the Train Table
Gaines thought the train table parts tasted good!
Jana met Chris and I there. Her son Thomas is 18 months old and was showing David and Gaines the ropes at the museum. He is a pro!
There is a great area inside the museum called Biscuit's Play house. They allow a certain number of kids in for 45 minutes then they clean up and sanitize for 15 minutes each hour. There is a "crawlers corner" where everything is padded and fun to climb all over. Above, David is checking out the stairs.
Then he went to see "Aunt Chris"
Gaines was checking out the tunnel tube.
David snuggling with Chris.
We also got a great surprise! Weston came in! His grandmother was keeping him and brought him up to the museum to play, not knowing we were there. It was great to see these boys playing together!
Jana with Thomas, Weston, Chris, David and Gaines!
Chris with the boys!
David and I
Weston LOVES to smile! He is such a happy baby!
Weston about to steal David's Paci!
Best Buds!
Once the weather cleared up Chris and I took the boys to the Toyota Dealership to ride on the golf cart! Gaines likes to drive!
Zack came out to hang for just a minute, then it was back to work for him!