Friday, July 30, 2010

Photoshoot with Gaines

Chris hired me to do Gaines' 1 year pictures, so we started out early yesterday morning headed out to their family farm then when Gaines was tired we came back to their house and took some there. The sneak peek of the pictures is on my photography blog: but that isn't why I'm blogging about it. While we were taking pictures of Gaines, the horses came up to see what was going on and were very interested in Gaines at first, then I think they figured out what I was doing and wanted to get involved!

Gaines isn't even paying attention in these two pictures but if you look at the horses, they are looking RIGHT AT ME and Sticking out their tongues!!!

I had so much fun with Gaines, Chris & Zack! I can't wait to show them all of their pictures TODAY!!


The Penney's said...

The horses sticking their tongues out is TOO FUNNY. The pictures you took for us are incredible!! I will be a long-time customer, my dear!

Lauren said...

So funny!! Olivia, you are so talented! What creative pictures!!