Thursday, August 26, 2010


We have been at the beach and I wanted to share just a few pics of my little family.

He is SO freakin cute!

Wearing his precious outfit I made him

This boy LOVES his Daddy!

Framer for sure!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

David's First Day of School

So exciting! Today was David's first day at First Friends Preschool at First Pres downtown!
We started the day extra early. The fact that our AC was out had a lot to do with it so my little one who normally sleeps until at least 8 am was up at 5:30. I gave him a bottle, we played, ate breakfast and I put him back down for a nap before we headed off to school.
David was dressed and ready to go by 8:40. Wasn't he just too cute for his first day?

We had to take pictures inside because it was pouring down rain outside. But don't worry, that didn't stop us from going to school!
When we got there, Gaines was already in the classroom!

He went last Friday so he knew the ropes already!

David got down and went straight for the balls!

Then to the corner where he found some other toys. I think this is the ok, enough pictures Mom, you can go now! look!!

Gaines was loving the classroom!
So, while David was at school, I did lots around town, enjoyed lunch with my friend Amy, then...

I went back at 1 to pick David up and he was WORN OUT! The teachers said once he realized I was gone he got upset, then fought a nap all morning long. He wasn't a happy camper his first day of school and I'm sure he wore out his teachers!
Here he is once I got him in the car...


But not TOO tired to give his Momma a smile!

Next week while we are at the beach we are going to work on staying up in the mornings and taking afternoon naps so he will be on schedule for school when we get back!
BTW, he is still asleep at 4:12!!

Some other exciting news...I got a new sewing/embroidery/monogramming/applique machine today! I get a lesson on how to use it when I get back from the beach! I can't wait to start monogramming for friends and family!!

The Other Day...

JD was watching golf on TV and hanging out on the couch, so David decided to join him.
So he did what Daddy does...Rest

Then I think I surprised him with my camera!

So David decided to show off!

Such a cutie!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Miracle Bash

Last Friday Night, JD and I went out with some friends to the Miracle Bash here in Huntsville.
Here are some pictures from before the Bash at Chris & Zack's house.

The Girls
Jackie, Kristen, Me, Chris & Haylea

The Boys: JD, Zack, Chase & John

On the David Front: He is doing great! No sign of Hand Foot and Mouth anymore!
and the big news of the week....
David starts school tomorrow!! Tune in tomorrow for some pics!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poor Sick Water Baby

My Poor Baby is sick. He ran a fever yesterday and I thought it was just teething but when he had a few bumps show up around his mouth this morning, I started to question myself. I called a friend and asked the symptoms of Hand, Foot & Mouth and David had all of them. Over the course of the day he has gotten more and more of the rash. The poor baby has taken good naps and eaten well and we have kept him comfortable with tylenol and motrin.
When JD got home we wanted to let D go without a diaper so we went outside to have water table time! Daniel and Allyson got David this wonderful water table for his birthday and he loves it! He loves it when we fill it up with the hose and he loves throwing things into the water.
Enjoy the pictures below. He doesn't look very sick in these pictures but he is too cute to look very bad anyway!

I love this sweet baby!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Me Hungry

A Short recap of the weekend. Went to Birmingham on Friday, went to dinner at CPK with Samantha, Katy Beth and Jeris, went to Alabaster to hear Deputy 5, had an awesome time people watching, dancing to deputy 5, and drinking beer with the girls! On Saturday, we had our small get together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Sam. Here are some pictures from that event....
Samantha opened gifts!

Katy Beth read to us...Me Hungry!

Photoshoot out back.

And after a wonderful afternoon of eating and hanging out, I took Samantha & Paul's Maternity Pictures. The Sneak Peek is on my Photography Blog Here.
This one is for YOU Katy Beth!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

David's Nose & A Play Date

I was giving David a bath yesterday, getting ready to take some 1 year pictures of him up at JD's parents house when he reached for a bucket, fell and sliced his nose on the edge of the plastic bucket. Needless to say we didn't get any 12 month pictures last night but I did get these today at our super fun playdate!
Check out those baby blues!

ok, so about our play date...our new friend Jamie Helms invited us over for a lunch playdate and man did we have fun! The food was incredible and the company was the best! David chowed down on chicken fries, cheese its, strawberries and more!!
He wore his new tshirt from his Uncle Thad who is working around the Rocky Mountain National Park!
The lighting in Jamie and Alec's house is wonderful so I took the opportunity to snap a few shots of the other kids, focusing on the beautiful little girls! I don't get to photograph precious little girls that much!
Little Miss Vivian with her tongue out!

She also has some beautiful eyes!

We met a new friend Ryland who is a month older than David and walking everywhere!

Precious Sarah Grace

She was sneaky with the camera!

I got some great looks today!!

David got to play on Vivian's rocking horse and he loved it! He loves his here at home but it is a little bigger than this one!

Thanks Jamie for the help!
Weston joined us too!
All of my pictures of all of the babies together didn't turn out well. David was screaming in most of them!
Happy Thursday! I'm off to Birmingham this weekend for some much needed girl time with my favorite college friends!