Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Proud

This week is a BIG week at the Reed household. This week, JD buys his dental practice. He has been working SO very hard these last 3 years to get to this point and we are SO very proud of him. It has taken a lot of time and effort on his part to learn everything there is to know about running a dental practice, the legal and accounting that goes with it all, payroll and so much more. We couldn't be more proud of JD and everything he does for our family.
He is such a wonderful Dentist and provider for our family, along with being an awesome Green Egg chef, knower of everything that is Alabama football, and the best daddy any little boy could ask for! We love you JD and are SO proud of everything you have accomplished. Congratulations on the purchase of your practice this week!!

(these are a few pictures I took this past Sunday at a party for our neighbors 60th wedding anniversary. David gets shy in crowds and clings to his Daddy. Can't you tell how much he loves him?)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little catching up to do...

So I'm still behind, but I will show you why in just a few pictures...
This was last weekend, watching Alabama beat Duke over at Ben & Jamie's house.
David got really dirty and decided to take his shirt off
And walk around. Hey, we are in Alabama!!
I love the way his body twists when he walks. It is the cutest thing!
so, here is why. I've been sewing. I made David's pants and appliqued and monogrammed his shirt. I have the pants pulled up too high in this picture but you get the idea.
Doesn't he look precious in his new outfit?
And I just had to take a few pictures of my boys this morning before church. They both looked SO HANDSOME!!
I love David's little outfit and he wore his daddy's shoes. A little small but in great shape to be 31 years old!
Look at how handsome he is!!
And after he got out of the outfit, this is what he looks like!!
Go Saints!
We had on our favorite NFL teams outfit to cheer them on today!
Thanks Uncle Brooks for the outfit!!
And I leave you with a video of David walking some more. He loves to prove me wrong. Just watch!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Walking & Talking

David has been doing SO many new things lately and I have been so bad about not blogging about them. He has lots of new words including Car, Dog, and Roll Tide. Check out the video below of David saying Roll Tide!

Then head on over to this video of David WALKING! He started taking steps last week but only a few at a time, last night he was everywhere. He is difficult to get on camera because he sees the phone come out and sits, but I managed to get this one.

Sorry you have to link, I can't figure out how to get these to upload. ENJOY!!!

And a few pictures for good measure...

Us at a playdate at Lauren & Sarah Grace's house. We had a blast!

Chris held David in the car while I ran inside to pick up lunch yesterday and she stole lots of kisses from my boy! I got this picture in an email later!! Too Sweet!
David and Graeme sharing Cheerios off the floor at our playdate. I made David's tshirt, isn't it cute?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cell Phone Pictures from the last few weeks

Before JD and I left for the first Alabama game of the season! David was ready for Game Day in his Alabama outfit! ROLL TIDE!

Labor Day we had a great cookout at the Reeds and JD took us on a golf cart tour of the course at the Ledges. David LOVED driving the cart!
(pictured: Aunt Sarah, Nana, Aunt Julie & (soon to hopefully be "Uncle") Brent, JD & David)

After school and a playdate with Gaines, this boy was tired today!

Shopping at Sams a few weeks ago we came across this HUGE chair! Doesn't David look hilarious in this chair?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What we've been up to...

We went to Meridian for a short visit and David stayed while we went to the Alabama vs. Penn State Game.
David hanging with his Uncle Brooks and Uncle Daniel
David got to meet Cousin Charlie for the first time! (please excuse my roughness. it had been a long day)

And, JD got a Big Green Egg!!

He has been cooking up a storm on this thing! We LOVE everything he cooks!
Perfect for Football season!

And what do we do while daddy cooks? Take pictures!

and try to steal mommy's camera!

Adventures with YaYa and Grandy

While I was at the beach, I got to hang out with my YaYa and Grandy! We did a lot of fun things, including hauling the big boat to Pensacola to get fixed....
Riding in the big truck with YaYa!
Truck with the boat!
Then, my YaYa and Grandy let me get into something I'm not suposed to be in!! The dog bowls! I had the best time playing in the food and water!
Splish Splash!
The next morning we pulled up our crab traps. Grandy and I caught a lot of crabs!!
See the yellow traps on the dock?
Our haul
The weather
Hanging with my grandy
He is taking me to check out the crabs
Yeah, I'm proud
Posing with his catch
The proud fishermen!
Then I was off with my buds. (Loki and Ziggy)
I just love the water!
We had to head home but I made mom stop at the Bass Pro Shops in Pratville to get me this fish!
Overall a great trip!

Just in case you forgot what dirty looked like!

And last but not least, a video of David saying his first real word. (other than mama, dada, baba)