Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adventures with YaYa and Grandy

While I was at the beach, I got to hang out with my YaYa and Grandy! We did a lot of fun things, including hauling the big boat to Pensacola to get fixed....
Riding in the big truck with YaYa!
Truck with the boat!
Then, my YaYa and Grandy let me get into something I'm not suposed to be in!! The dog bowls! I had the best time playing in the food and water!
Splish Splash!
The next morning we pulled up our crab traps. Grandy and I caught a lot of crabs!!
See the yellow traps on the dock?
Our haul
The weather
Hanging with my grandy
He is taking me to check out the crabs
Yeah, I'm proud
Posing with his catch
The proud fishermen!
Then I was off with my buds. (Loki and Ziggy)
I just love the water!
We had to head home but I made mom stop at the Bass Pro Shops in Pratville to get me this fish!
Overall a great trip!

Just in case you forgot what dirty looked like!

And last but not least, a video of David saying his first real word. (other than mama, dada, baba)

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