Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I've been really busy.
This boy keeps me on my toes!

And the painting and decorating too!
Notice..our den is now a beautiful shade of Pewter Tray!
I finally got to hang my beautiful mirror and angel wings!

My beautiful cherub angel that Jamie gave me to help decorate for Christmas!
Our tree and lots of wrapped gifts!

Our Memory Wreath!
Whew! I'm done decorating, done shopping and done wrapping! Now if Christmas would just get here! I can't wait for Santa to come see David (and me too!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas From The Reeds

While we were in Meridian, JD and I took the opportunity to do our Christmas Card pictures in my parents driveway. Here is our shoot and the card at the end:
This boy LOVES his wagon!
Love those Baby Blues!

He also has a passion for toothbrushes.
I think I might know a profession he can go into!

Sweet Boy
Our Favorite!

Do you know what he is reaching for?? A toothbrush!

Merry Christmas!
The Reeds

Bikes or Bust

This year, David and I headed up to Bikes or Bust to help support Toys for Tots & the Marines.
David picked out this Radio Flyer as his donation and we took it to Bill Penney Toyota to drop it off. Gaines was there and had to test out the bike to make sure it would make another kid their age veryy happy at Christmas. If you want to see just how much fun they had, go here:

Thanksgiving...yes I know I'm WAY behind!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we headed to Meridian to celebrate with my family. It was a lot of fun and as you will see below, we got LOTS of family time in!
David got to hang out with his Great-Grandmother "Honey" and Cousin Charlie
They are in matching outfits I made them! Too Cute!
The boys got to hang out in the wagon

David got some alone time with Honey for a few pictures.

They obviously thought something was funny!

Then it was time to attempt the Hooper Family Christmas Card Picture. Grandy Started out trying to entertain David.

And while everyone still wasn't ready, David got to do his own thing!
After several attempts in the front, we headed to the back and added the dogs (except Dixie)

Great Picture but YaYa was talking to David.

The "Brooks" Boys: Randy Brooks, Charles Brooks & Lloyd Brooks

by the end of the afternoon, Gibson had had enough!

So, without further anticipation: The Hooper Christmas Card

The back, where the boys had their dogs lick my mom in the middle of the picture!

OH, and while we were home, Charlie was baptised.
What a wonderful day for our Family.
Charlie is such a wonderful baby and now a Child of God!

The beautiful Chocolate Cross Cake Allyson made!
And cross Cookies too!

We came home to celebrate Thanksgiving at home but I failed to take any pictures. Sorry.