Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow Pictures...

This morning in our yard...

We let Dixie run wild because there weren't any cars going up and down the street. She LOVED the snow and ran everywhere in it!

JD hitting Dixie in the face with a snowball

In the Penney's back yard on boogie boards!

Zack pulled Chris and Gaines around the yard.
Chris Loved it!

JD pulled David
Zack pulled Gaines
Gaines liked it!

David did not!

Group photos. I set up the camera and ran into each picture...

I fell on the last go around!

Snow Day 2011

This morning, we woke up to over 8 inches of beautiful power snow. After playing in our own yard, we got in JD's 4x4 and headed over to The Penney's to have some fun in the snow!
Family Snow Picture
Pulling up on the snow covered street!

A car was having lots of trouble getting up the street so JD pulled it up for the guy

I dove at Gaines in the snow to get him excited about it!

Another great family picture

Snow angel!

(These pictures are from Chris' camera, I'm still working on the ones from my camera)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun Saturday!

Yesterday was cold but beautiful so we got outside, knowing that bad weather was on its way.

(Have I told you lately that I have the cutest kid ever?)

We went to the park and checked out David's favorite animal...

(I love how excited he is!)