Sunday, February 13, 2011

My little Valentine!

A stroll in the park...

We headed to the park this afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather and see one of Davids favorite animals...Ducks!

Jamie, Ben and Parker joined us and we walked all over Big Spring Park
David watching some birds flying overhead.
We ran into a drum circle event that was going on and David loved them. He even did some dance moves with the beat! It was interesting to say the least!
We ended our park outing with a beer and breadsticks at Pine Vino. David was our entertainment for the afternoon!

and...Jamie and I strolled the boys all the way back home! Great exercise!

Monday, February 7, 2011


SO, I just got back from NYC! I went on a Mother/Daughter trip with My Mom, my oldest friend Jamie (we've known each other since birth) and her Mom, Linda.
We started out our trip with an adventure with the airlines. Because of the Snow that NYC got the night before we were to go, our original flights were cancelled. We got on the phone at 2:30 am and got rescheduled. I was originally supposed to fly with Jamie connecting through Memphis but ended up flying from Huntsville to Atlanta (met up with Mom & Linda) then to Raleigh then to NYC.We finally made it at 4pm. And it was a good thing too! We had tickets to Wicked for that night!
The next day we spent the majority of the Day in Bloomingdale's! Above are a few pictures from Bloomies! Jamie and I tried on Fun Furry Hats, took a picture of the awesome flower arrangements, ate a Fabulous lunch at Forty Carrots!
Then we walked around Central Park some, went to MOMA for Target Free Friday Nights, then on to Serendipity for Dinner & Dessert!

The following Day we went by the site of the World Trade Center, went into the chapel, then walked down to Battery Park, stopping to see a church on the way. Mom and I got some fake Coach Sunglasses 2 for $20!
We did some more Central Park fun activities, went to Tiffany's where Mom and I made purchases, carriage ride through the park, then on to Mary Poppins!!

We stayed one block off Times Square so we took pictures there a lot!
On Sunday, Jamie and her mom went to market in NY for her fabulous store The Square Cupboard! SO Mom and I went to a church service at St. John of the Divine, then got a cab to Greenwich Village for a food tour! It was AWESOME! We ate and got a great history lesson all within a 2 block radius. We had Pizza at Joe's Pizza, Basil infused Olive Oil at Olivier & Co., A Rice ball from an Italian Pork Butcher shop, a cauliflower dish at another wonderful Italian place, Wine and Mushroom Risotto, An oatmeal chocolate chip cookie at Milk & Cookies, then cheese/bread/prosciutto/olive tasting at Murray's Cheese shop and last but not least a mini canoli from Rocco's. It lasted 3 hours and was SO worth it! Highly recommend if anyone is heading to NYC anytime soon!
We finished off our trip with Breakfast at Balthazar, a little bit of fun shopping, and back on planes headed home. We had SO much fun!
Thanks for sharing the experience Mom, Jamie & Linda!!

my attempt to catch up

We went to Birmingham a few weeks ago to hang out with my best friends from college. We had such a great time and it made me miss my girls so much! I can't wait for our next get together at the beach in June!!
(Samantha & Sam, Melissa, Katy Beth, Jensi, Jeris, Kate, Me & David)

This is what our baby looks like going to bed. Too cute?

And I had to take a picture of Martha, David's Nana for her upcoming High School reunion and I couldn't help but post it on here. David Loves his Nana!