Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I can't believe...

this little pirate will be 2 on Sunday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Dada!

Yesterday was JD's 32nd birthday!

I got my extremely talented sister-in-law to make JD a cake so we celebrated while in Meridian.

My boys with JD's awesome cake!

David was ready to help Daddy blow out the candles

We love you Dada!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

The Fair

This past weekend, We headed to Mississippi for the "Neshoba County Fair"

It is "Mississippi's Giant House Party" a week-long county fair that includes, mule & horse races, a cattle show, weekend rodeo, Farming exhibits, carnival, flea market, bands, dances, politics and lots and lots of family. (over 2,000 cabins & campers)

The fair was started over 100 years ago in Neshoba County when Farmers would get together to share their extra crops and gather information about next years farming plans. My great-grandmother, Myrtice, used to come with her parents in a covered wagon and they would camp out. My Great-Grandfather owned a saw mill and took scrap wood and built a cabin on the original founders square a long, long time ago. It originally had no plumbing, no running water and no air conditioning. Over the years, these things were added, along with siding to keep the cool air inside. The old cabin was sinking because of water runoff so a few years ago, my grandmother tore it down and rebuilt a brand new cabin. Complete with all the newest ammenities. My Grandmother, her sister, and 2 brothers all come with their families to stay for the week at the cabin.

We also have friends who have cabins and we visited them too!

David got to hang out with BeBe (Bet) and he LOVED her cabin. I think it might have had something to do with her candy bowl that was within his reach!

Eating lunch by the cabin with My Great Uncle Rudy Skinner, my Grandmother, Shirley Hooper and her new fiance, James Mooney.

Part of the Exhibit Hall. Check out that HUGE Watermelon. It weighed over 160 lbs!

Mom, Doug & Dad

David LOVED being able to run around and play. There were rock piles, sand piles and toys everywhere that he could play with!

Checking out the animals in the petting zoo!

Watching the Mule Races! David LOVED this!

after playing in the rain, he "rode" My Great Aunt Sandra's leg!

on the porch with my Uncle Bentley and Great Aunt Flo

Telling Bebe thanks for the sucker! (he had 6 over 2 days)

Cabin #51

The Skinner, Hooper, Kuykendall Cabin

David Loved the Baby Moo Moo at the petting zoo!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Charlie's Birthday and more!

This little one turned 1 on July 5th! We celebrated his birthday on Saturday, July 9th.

I can't believe my nephew is 1

Charlie in his "pimp" cozy truck!

The cozy coupe wasn't manly enough for this country boy so Mom and Dad had to go with the truck, complete with a lift kit, working tailgate and an awesome horn!

I knew he would LOVE cake!

Great job Daniel and Allyson on Charlie's party!

Everything was so cute! From the candy bar, to the custom cakes by Allyson, to the burgers and dogs that Daniel grilled! Thanks for having us!

While in Meridian I also got to meet my grandmothers new boyfriend and now fiance.

Welcome to the Family James!

David has a new obsession with "eyes" or glasses. My mom had a pair of reading glasses that were broken so she popped out the other lens and gave them to David. He loves wearing them and walks around repeating "eyes, eyes"

He even wore them in the shower!

While in MS I got to visit with one of my former students, Margo. I taught her when she was a sophomore in high school and now she is a super smart Junior in college!! She is in the nursing school at Southern Miss and rocking it! I can't wait to hear what the future holds for her!

My crops!

Once i got home, i had to harvest some of my crops! My herbs are going crazy this year so I have been dehydrating them for christmas gifts! I planted 2 fig trees this year and they have produced more fruit than I ever thought they would!

Tomatoes are starting to ripen and peppers are also growing growing!!

Yeah for Summer and for Sprinkler systems!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 4th Weekend!

David eating snacks

Cousin Charlie!

Shopping at the CVS in Orange Beach is SO MUCH FUN! They have the best kid carts!

Cooking Crabs with Grandy!

Charlie also celebrated his 1st Birthday at the beach! I can't wait to celebrate at his party tonight! (More pictures soon)

Charlie tried to take Davids blanket. He is pretty protective of it and wasn't happy when Charlie tried to share it!

David with "this" and blanket. (He calls his paci "this")

Catching Crabs with Grandy and Ziggy

Oyster Fish

David's favorite beach toy, the mop bucket!

We even got to visit with Lacey and Beers (who were staying at another house in the neighborhood)


David LOVES pulling up the crab traps! I know Dad can't wait until David is big enough to collect and bait the traps all by himself!

Daniel and Allyson with Chrissy

David got to play with a baby crab

Love this pic!

Dad took me out fishing and before I got sea sick and started throwing up, we did catch a few fish!

One snapper and several trigger fish

Dad also fished with David but they didnt' catch anything. The Pin fish kept eating all of his bait. maybe next trip