Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Back! (an attempt to catch up)

First off let me apologize for not posting in months. I got off the blogging bandwagon and have missed it! So this is my attempt to catch up, so this is going to be a long one! (just a warning)

Where was I....Day 16.

I'm thankful for a chance to stop and smell the flowers!

Day 17...I'm thankful for Digital Cameras & Oxyclean!

My attempt to get a cute Easter Picture of David and he wouldn't look at the camera (so glad for the delete button) and he found a huge mud puddle and got his brand new shoes, knee socks and easter outfit dirty!
Day 18...I'm thankful for...Naked Babies!

These cousins LOVE each other!

and being naked and water!

Day 19...I'm thankful for Easter! So glad I was able to spend Easter Morning in Meridian with my family!

David during the service. He wouldn't be still for the sermon so we came outside and took pics

Then we headed to West Jefferson to be with JD's family.

David hunted Easter eggs with Gray.

And his daddy!

Day 20...I'm thankful for Parties!

Right before Easter (sorry these aren't in perfect order...doing the best I can)

We helped Jamie host a Surprise 60th Birthday Party for her Mom, Linda!

Allyson made the cake and catered the whole thing! Everything was AWESOME!

Linda blowing out her candles

Mom, Me, Jamie & Linda. Our first get together after NYC! I can't wait for our next Mother/Daughter Trip!


Linda's family came from all over to Surprise her!

Day 21...I'm thankful for Impromptu Beach Trips

I'm also thankful for everything that we have. Our beach trip was because of the terrible tornados that Hit Alabama on April 27th. We spent most of the day in the bathtub watching the news on the computer. JD didn't get to work because we woke up to tornado sirens and ended the day with no power and more bad weather. I awoke early early the next morning and listened to the radio to find out that our power would be off for 5-7 days so we hurried to Athens to get gas (the nearest place that had some power), emptied our fridge and freezers then headed to the beach. Thankfully Mom and Dad were already planning on being there so we had a great long weekend at the beach!

It included a fun boat ride, complete with a dolphin visit!

Driving the boat too!

We even got some quality time with Charlie in!

Day 22...Thankful for Uncle Henry and snuggle time! I had to remind Henry that David doesn't normally do this and he is REALLY to get some still snuggle time in!

Day 23...Thankful for More beach trips!

Memorial Day at the beach!

Beach time with Dada!

What a beach bum!

Day 24...I'm thankful for "Eyes". David calls glasses "eyes" and he loves to put them on then take them right off. This picture was taken on our way down the day after the tornados.

Day 25...I'm thankful for beautiful sunsets like this one!

Day 26...I'm thankful for grass. We had our yard completely redone and also put in a sprinkler system, so for a few weeks, this is what our yard looked like!


(I will post after pictures soon)

More beach time!

Day 27...I'm thankful for Running!

Yes I've committed myself to run a 1/2 Marathon in October. I will post more info on all of this soon!

Day 28...I'm thankful for Beach time with the girls!

We had so much fun at our girls weekend! Cooked LOTS of seafood, hit up the beach and the pool and KB and I took Melissa out to the Flora~Bama for a fun night out!

Day 29...I'm thankful for the potty!

We've introduced the idea to David. He still doesn't tell me when he needs to go, still have a ways to go with communication, but before he gets in the tub i put him on it and he will usually pee!

Giving the dolphin cruise a full frontal!

He is going to kill me one day for posting these pictures!

Helping Grandy with the "phish"

Caught lots and lots of these too!

David's first trip to the Flora~Bama

(just sprite in that sippy cup)

and one of my favorite pictures from this summer so far...

At the Memorial Weekend BillFish Tournament in Orange Beach

Parker, Jamie, Me and David

Aren't the boys so cute in their matching outfits!

Sam & David in the baby pool at the beach

Day 30..."Moobies"

When times get tough, I'm SO thankful for "Moobies" as David calls them!

He LOVES the Little Einstiens!

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