Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work, Work, Work

I've been quite the busy bee with photography and graphic design but I'm feeling quite accomplished! Check out some of my most recent ad work:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Racing for a cure...

So I joined The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training and I'm headed to San Francisco in October to complete my first 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles)

I'm really excited about doing this and have started to really get into shape.

I signed up with my best Friend Jamie

(who has already completed the full and 1/2 in San Fran before)

I chose Team in Training not only because Jamie has had such a great experience with them before but because I lost my grandfather to "Pre-Leukemia" last November. So I will be running in his memory!

So, along the way I have been to several "TEAM" events and have been running and cross training all summer long!

Her are Jamie and I at the Kick Off Party officially joining the Team!

This is a picture of a hill, but not just any hill. This is part of the Monte Sano Mountain that we run hill repeats on. That's right, we run up and down the mountain 1 mile each way for as long as you can go. It used to be an open road but because of the road tearing up they built a new one and this one is for bikers and runners.

Just a nice sweaty shot!

As part of my cross training, I got an email about a local Triathlon and convinced Jamie to sign up with me. So this past Saturday we completed the Soggy Seals Tri.

This was my first ever Triathlon and I was so excited just to finish!

It was a 3 mile run, 8 mile bike (with way to many hills), and a 300 yard swim.

My official results were

Finished 49th out of 59

in 1:23:46

Not too bad for my first one. I just didn't want to be last. I also used a Mountain Bike not a road bike which makes a huge difference. I was killing myself on the bike portion of the race!

and Here are Jamie and I after it was over!

From August 9, 2011

Thanks J for training with me! We have had quite a summer and still have lots of long runs ahead of us!

PS. I have completed my fundraising!! YAY!! If you would like to donate, please contribute to Jamie!! Her donation page link is: Here

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Argh Matey....I'm 2! The Pirate Party!

David turned 2 on Sunday and we had an awesome pirate party!

Lots of planning and hard work with a great theme and the party was a success!

That and some handy shopping at Al's 5 & 10 at the beach and the Target!

I can't say enough wonderful things about Target!!

We had Gold'Doubloon"Fish, Sneaky Shark Fruit Snacks, and Scallywag Pretzel Fish

I also found these great snack size bags with the pirate skull on them. Perfect for grabbing a snack and heading outside!

I made David's Pirate Ship birthday cake.

I feel like I cheated a little and used a ship shaped cake pan (thanks ebay)

but I made the icing from scratch and hand piped it all!

The pirate figures were from Michaels (toys in a tube)

and I made the sails myself with some dowels and I printed the sail design out and with some hot glue, made them work!

The flag in the background came from Al's and the triangle banners were from Target Gulf Shores.

Also, the pirate fabric was from etsy!

I made cupcakes and added a mini milky way into the batter in each cup for a "treasure" inside each one. They were delicious! The icing was made out of Marshmallow Fluff and some other stuff and it turned out awesome too! The wrappers and flags came from a wilton set I found at Old Time Pottery & Michaels.

The drink table included "Pirate Punch" (fruit tea)

Water bottles with matching stickers on them and

Juice boxes with pirate wraps on them too.

The invitation, bottle stickers and juice box wraps & thank you notes

were all designed and made by my friend Liv Wilson of Belle Announcements

We had everyone sign a pirate book

as a great memory from the party!

(thanks to Chris, Zack & Gaines)

{Pirate pinata was from Al's too)

For Party Favors, We had Pirate Treasure!

They were Pirate water bottles with a pirate eye patch and a few gold doubloons!

They each also got a paper Pirate hat.

Water bottles & eyepatches: Target

Gold coins & pirate hats: Al's

Bags: hobby lobby & bag closure: I made

great pirate flag from Al's

Homemade pirate wreath for the door

Large Pirate flag: Al's

Walking through the TJMAXX at the Foley outlets was a success!

I found this awesome Pirate Ship blow up pool! It came with a treasure chest, swords, sheilds, hats and was a blast for the kids!

JD, David & Nana

My dancing pirate!

(his outfit also came from Target!)

First Mate: Gaines

Family Picture!

This is when David finally figured out the party was for him! He got so excited!

I love this picture. Check out David in the back sticking his finger into a cupcake!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!