Friday, September 21, 2012

We're Back!!!

So here it goes.  I'm trying to get back after a 1+ year sabbatical from my blog.  I will try to do some back posting, but no promises.  I do however promise to blog some more and try to keep up this time.
So a recap from the previous year in words...
1/2 marathon completed, loved San Fran, D was a cowboy for Halloween, got pregnant, lots of photography work, D loved Christmas and Santa, enjoyed a mild winter, found out "it's a girl,"  moved D into a big boy room, started on nursery, threw a baby shower for Lindsay L,  decided to buy a new house, first one fell through, found another house to buy...mid construction, put our house on the market, went to the beach a few times, had lots of ultrasounds for baby girl, went strawberry pickin,' painted furniture, Julie & Brent got married, eventually got to move into our new house, had a baby 3 weeks later, Meet Annie, start to settle in, throw party for Chris' 30th, go to beach, small family thing for D's 3rd birthday, more at home time, KB's wedding in Destin, Family vacation in OB, Elton John concert, and football.

Somehow I will catch up on all of that, but for now, I'm going to bed.  Enjoy another photo from today.
Annie turned 12 weeks old today. She is such a precious gift and we are loving every minute of having her here with us!


Roll Tide!

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